Free Car Towing with Repairs

We offer free car towing with auto repairs. We will arrange for the towing company to pick up your car and tow it to our location. Free towing is available in surrounding cities only.

We will pay for the towing up to $75, you won’t even need to come to our location until you are ready to pick up your car after the repairs have been made.

  1. You call us with the towing request
  2. We will contact the towing company and request the tow
  3. Towing company will pick up your car and bring it to our location
  4. We will diagnose your car and let you know about the repairs necessary
  5. Work will not start until you approve the repairs
  6. Once you approve the repair, we will repair your vehicle and let you know when the car is ready for pick-up

If you choose not to have your car repaired at that time, you will be responsible for the diagnostic fee and the tow. We’ll be happy to deduct the towing fee when you are ready to have your car repaired.

NOTE: If repairs are below $450, the towing fee will be added to the invoice.

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